Ocean Pollution - Can We Help?

Garbage Pollution…

We hear so much about it, how the oceans are full of garbage debris. Why have we let this happen? Why do we continue to let this happen?

Convienence is a funny thing, we can complain about waste, but yet it is one of the first things we turn to. Plastic containers, plastic wrap, plastic bottles, plastic straws. Why have we become so adapted to using them. Why can’t we drink out of a cup without a straw? Why can’t we use glass containers instead of plastic?

I myself can admit first hand I have and do use some of those items. During my search to build Lush Ocean I have however worked considerably hard to build it on a foundation of environmentally friendly packaging. To use metal, that can be reused and recycled, will naturally breakdown over time. Glass, which is also reusable and recyclable. During this journey it has really become an eye opener to just how much we use and throw away. Why are item’s made to be used once and then thrown away? Convenience - the convenience of it all is destroying our world. Cup after cup, straw after straw, piece after piece.

Please join Lush Ocean in the journey to make the environment a better place. While we donate a portion of our sales to help saving the whales and turtles. We also make a difference by using fully reusable, recyclable products with all natural ingredients in them.